CSC RO 5 joins First Luzon Mini Olympics

Incentives encourage staff to adopt positive behaviors or maintain an existing positive behavior that may potentially help the worker stay healthy and live longer. Adopting positive health behavior is fundamentally what wellness is about. One incentive would be the conduct of an activity that would manifest this.

The Commission has intensified its Health and Wellness Program through MC No. 8, s. 2011 which is the Reiteration of the Physical Fitness Program. The CSC Luzon Group has taken a step further by conducting the First Luzon Mini-Olympics held on February 21-24, 2012, in the City of Pines, Baguio City wherein the CSC-CAR was the hospitable and generous host.

Six regions (I, II, III, IV, V and CAR) from the different CSC Regional Offices joined this sports event. Every regional office sent a delegation of sports enthusiasts. CSC RO 5 sent a total of 25 employees with Dir. Arpon U. Lucero as the sports coordinator.

All delegates were billeted at the historic Teachers’ Camp. A warm welcome through a program was prepared by the host in that chilly evening of February 21, 2012. The delegates were in for a treat with the appetizing food and delicacies served. A glimpse of Baguio’s unique culture was shown through music and dance. The CSC RO5 directors headed by Dir. Cecilia R. Nieto presented a folkdance to give everyone a taste of Bicol’s flare.

After a cultural night, the first day activities  focused on the sports competition which was held at Green Valley, Baguio City. The sports event commenced with the cheering competition which was a showcase of the CSC’s finest dancing and cheering moves and of creativity as well, as shown in the costumes and props. The first day was jam-packed with action. The different teams competed in various team and individual games. The ball games were dominated by Region III with their highly energetic and young players while all regions got a slice of the pie in the indoor games. Region 5 won silver in the Table Tennis (mixed) and scrabble events.

The second day was highlighted by the 2.5- kilometer hike in the mountains surrounding Camp John Hay. The view from the mountains was simply breathtaking, both literally and figuratively.          Literally, because the hike would truly make one catch his/her breath and figuratively, since the landscape was spectacular! It is like being so close to heaven. Despite the aching legs being not so used to hikes like that, the climb was all worth it. This was followed by  a tree-planting activity just around the said camp where every region was assigned a spot. The much-awaited parlor games were played followed immediately. The total scores of every region were very close that the winnings in the parlor games would determine the final ranking.

The eating relay was quite a challenge. A variety of fruits and delicacies such as banana, kalamansi, apple, corn in a cob, pulvoron and puto-seko were eaten in fast manner. The players were nearly choking just to take the lead. Another game played was the sack race. Everyone is familiar with this game but it takes a certain technique and endurance to win it. After the said games, the scores were computed and two regions tied for a certain rank and so to break the tie, regions IV and III  played tug-of-war.

The awarding program followed and the final ranking was officially announced. CSC-Region III bagged the first place and was closely followed by CSC Region IV. CSC Region I was declared third place and not far behind was CSC Region V. The mayor of Baguio City, Hon. Mauricio Domogan delivered a message during the closing program and encouraged everyone to go around Baguio City as they are highlighting the Penagbenga Festival. As the mini-olympics was about to close, the torch of sportsmanship/responsibility was passed on to the CSC Region II th host of the next Luzon-wide CSC Mini-Olympics in Tuguegarao.

Kudos to CSC CAR for the success of this sports event despite the busy schedule of the Commission. This is definitely one activity that enhances camaraderie and strengthens the spirit of unity in the regional offices, not to mention the healthy benefits the participants gained for taking a break  and simply enjoying the awesome beauty of Baguio City. # zbza, ps1,PALD