Gantimpala Agad Award

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March 5, 2012, Philippine National Police Station,  Alternate Road, Bitano, Legazpi City. It is not an ordinary day for the men and women in uniform assigned at the said police station for the reason that three of their gallant police officers are recipients of the prestigious Gantimpala Agad Award. This is a special award given by the Commission to any government employee and/or official who has shown exemplary action in the line of work or service. After a few weeks of investigation and validation of the nomination handed over to the CSC RO5, the award was confirmed and the awarding rite was prepared.

Police Officer (PO) 3 Randy R. Bachiller, PO3 Felino T. Hate and PO3 Noriel N.Palencia were the worthy awardees. They were commended for their speedy response, investigation and arrest of suspects of theft and for going the extra mile to bring justice to a criminal act committed against a government office. That office happens to be the CSC Albay Field Office which had its newly-installed air conditioning unit stolen just a few  months after its inauguration.

A simple awarding rite was held at the police station. Police Superintendent Oscar Reyes Regala Jr. gave a very inspiring welcoming remarks. He optimistically mentioned that they are looking forward to more awards like this in the future as proven by the presence of the hardworking and dedicated policemen/women in the Legazpi PNP. Director II Raymundo V. Atendido of the CSC Albay Field Office was present to give the award and was assisted by Ms.Sharon Farida A. Flores, Acting Division Chief of CSC RO5 Public Assistance and Liaison Division (PALD). Ms. Zarah Z. Arroyo of PALD was likewise present during the awarding.

It is interesting to note that all the other policemen/women present were beaming with pride. This goes to show that the achievement of these three is a major accomplishment for the entire police unit as well. After all, the operation was executed with the guidance of the Police Superintendent with the collaborative efforts of the entire Legazpi City Police Station.

With this achievement, we are assured that there are good men and women in uniform who are dedicated to serve and protect every Filipino citizen in Legazpi.

This is an additional feather in the cap of the Legazpi PNP! Congratulations!

#Zarah Z. Arroyo, PS I, PALD