Men and Women’s Forum talks on Unity in Diversity

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The Civil Service Commission as the central human resource management institution in the bureaucracy has a great role to play in coming-up with programs which will focus not only on women government workers but also to men who are likewise giving their share in the organization.

              In this year’s celebration of the Women’s Month, the Men and Women’s Forum with the theme: “Getting the Best by Recognizingand Celebrating Gender Differences” was conceptualized to discuss various issues pertaining to men and women in the bureaucracy and to broaden their level of awareness to gender issues in the public sector. Likewise, through this forum the public workers will understand better on how they can have harmonious working relationship given the various options or alternatives on how to positively respond to the challenge services to the people they cater.

              It was conducted on March 21, 2012 at the La Piazza Hotel and Convention Center, Legazpi City with 294 participants from the different agencies in Region 5.

Resource persons during the activity were Atty. Katrina Legarda, City Mayor Geraldine B. Rosal of the City of Legazpi and her spouse City Administrator Noel E. Rosal, Director Marylou Duka-Castillo of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a respected psychologist of the Bicol University Salvacion “Lally” Villafuerte.  However, due to the increment weather on said date, Atty. Legarda was not able to board her flight to Legazpi City.  In spite of that, the able IT personnel of the CSCRO5 made use of the internet via teleconferencing for a real time interview with Atty. Legarda. Ms. Zarah Z. Arroyo was the host of the forum.

In sum, the sharing of all the guests during the Q & A gave both men and women participants’ insights on how they can be more productive by complementing each other both in and out of their workplaces. Men and Women are equal to opportunities and protection under the law, the difference lies in the physical, mental, and psychological make-up. It is important, therefore, to honor and embrace our nature and our individuality.   #LILIA A. JADIE, Sr. Personnel Specialist, HRD