Examination Announcement

Examination Announcement


2nd Luzon Convention of Human Resource Management Practitioners

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The Civil Service Commission as the central human resource institution of the government consistently opens itself to opportunity to grow and develop as it moves towards achieving excellence in the realm of public service. In its desire to maintain responsiveness, it places itself nearer to its client agencies by organizing the 2nd Luzon Convention of Human Resource Management Practitioners (HRMPs) on October 2-4, 2012 at Villa Caceres Hotel, Naga City. This year’s event was hosted by the Civil Service Commission Regional Office No. 5.

The said convention with a theme, “Enabling HRMPs to Respond Strategically to the Challenges of the 21st Century”,was participated in by a total of Nine Hundred Twenty Nine (929) HRMPs from regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), broken down as follows: Region I – 154, Region II – 98, Region III- 112, Region IV- 222, Region V- 158, and CAR- 185. In addition, the different regional offices in Luzon sent the following CSC participants: RO5 – 21 ; RO1 – 12 ;RO2 – 9 ;RO3 – 11 ; RO4 – 21 ; CAR – 16, making a total of 1,019 total number of delegates.

The First Day of the Convention was hosted by Regions 1 and CAR and it commenced with a Doxology by the Naga City Hall Chorale, followed by their rendition of the Philippine National Anthem. Being the host region, Dir. Cecilia R. Nieto, CSCRO5 Regional Director, Vice Governor Fortunato Peña of the Province of Camarines Sur and Mayor John G. Bongat, City Mayor of Naga City warmly welcomed everyone in Bicolandia.

Also, Dir. II Rogelio T. Del Rosario of CSC RO1, Dir. IV Bienvenida L. Ragucos of CSC RO2, Dir. IV Karin Litz Serna of CSC RO3, Dir. IV Lydia A. Castillo of CSC RO4, Dir. III Daisy P. Bragais of CSC RO5 and Dir. IV Fernando M. Porio of CSC CAR creatively presented their respective delegates.

Hon. Oscar S. Rodriguez, City Mayor, San Fernando, Pampanga, President of the League of Cities of the Philippines and one of the 2012 Lingkod Bayan Awardees was the Keynote Speaker. In his speech, he said that San Fernando Pampanga is successful all these years because of its basic resource- the human resource, who is the most important investment in the organization. He said further that investment made by an organization to HR can never be considered an expense item because when people are capacitated, it will result to a better, effective and efficient output for the organization. He cited HR with a heart, which he says was a very effective tool in managing personnel, the interventions they provide will help their employees develop.

An intermission number showcasing the culture of the Bicol Region through songs and dance was performed by the Madelaine Alfelor Gazmen (MAG) Dancers. The festive performance was well applauded by the audience.
Furthermore, Ms. Eva V. Fraginal, Interim President of the Luzon Council of HRMPs presented her President’s Report where she disclosed the various activities, and programs of the council. She also urged them to support the Council’s proposed projects.

The first day of the convention ended with a song number by the Naga City Hall Chorale. Moreover, the second day which was hosted by Regions 4 and 2 started with a prayer and it was followed by the very comprehensive discussion of Atty. Ma. Anthonette V. Allones, Executive Director of the Career Executive Service Board (CESB) of the topic, “Understanding the Role of HRMPs in Organization Development”. Part of her discussion, she shared the four (4) HRM Challenges in Transformational Change, namely the Change and the Clarity of Vision, Capacity, Culture, and Corruption. She also identified the seven (7) Commandments of Organization Development: Thou Shalt Confront, Thou Shalt Be Authentic, Thou Shalt Express Feelings, Thou Shalt Care, Thou Shalt Collaborate, Thou Shalt Integrate, and Thou Shalt be Organic. Exec. Direc. Allones also stated that people are the key that unlock (lock) many doors, and she attributed some of the learnings in HR to her idols Steve Jobs and Dr. Jose M. Rizal. She ended her discussion with a saying, “Everything is a gift, always keep a grateful heart”.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, Mr. Earnest L. Tan, a Writer/Publisher discussed the topic, “Handling the People Challenge of HRMPs”. In his very lighthearted discussion, he talked about Interpersonal Wellness, and stressed that dealing with people is never easy because of the individual differences. He said that we should be mindful of the fact that people are not like us, this is so because of the family and cultural backgrounds of people. Earnest also mentioned that one of the keys to a healthy relationship is being compassionate of others which should be practiced everyday. The main benefit of this is it makes one become happier, and brings others to be happier too.

The day ended with a Dinner and Social activity wherein the six (6) different regions competed for the Aloha-themed presentation. It was Region 1 who was awarded the 5th place, Region 2 the 4th place, Region 5 the 3rd place, CAR the 2nd place and Region 4 bagged the 1st place.

Finally, the third day of the convention was sponsored by Regions 3 and 5. The topics, “Best Practices on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA)” and “Understanding Climate Change as an Organizational Challenge” were discussed by Dr. Cedric D. Daep, Albay Public Safety and Emergency Management Office (APSEMO). He was introduced by Dir. II Jocelyn L. Marifosque of CSC Camarines Sur Field Office. He pointed out in his discussion the relationship of the change in our climate to the organization, and the role that the HRMP plays in the safeguarding the lives of the personnel.

Atty. Daisy P. Bragais, Director III, CSCRO5, presented the issues gathered through a survey-before the convention. Moreover, Assistant Commissioner David E Cabanag, Jr. introduced the Principal Guest Speaker of the three-day convention, who is no less than the new CSC Commissioner, Hon. Robert S. Martinez. In his message which focused on the Commission’s View and Stand as regards issues raised affecting HRMPs, he had shared the different strategies and policies which the Commission is formulating that concerns the HRMPs. He also said that the Commission is trying its best to come up with a resolution directing agencies to have a plantilla position of HRMO to all agencies.

The convention was wrapped up with an Open Forum facilitated by Atty. Daisy P. Bragais, CSCRO5 DirectorIII
with CSC Commissioner Martinez, Asst. Commissioner Cabanag, and all CSC Luzon Regional Directors and Officials.#Sharon Farida A. Flores, Acting Chief, PALD