Online Exam Room Assignment Inquiry System online once again

There were quite a number of examinees who weren’t able to take the October 18, 2015 examination due to the inclement weather for which the Coastguard issued an Advisory on sea travel, preventing those from the islands to travel to the mainland for the exam.

However, in its quest to provide excellent service, CSCRO5 went the extra mile and scheduled an examination on December 6, 2015 for exam applicants with approved applications for the October 18, 2015 exam but weren’t able to take it.

The online tool for checking exam room assignments is up once more to aid in searching for the room assignments of those eligible to take the upcoming exam.  This time, however, there are several changes brought about by our desire to serve you more efficiently and effectively.

To access the system, click HERE.

To know more about the new features, read on.

The home page now shows fewer controls: a single search text box and three buttons.



Upon entering your search keyword and selecting any appropriate button, you will be given a list of several matches, as shown below:




If the results are more than 10 entries, you may use the navigation buttons in order to navigate through the results.  Clicking on “view all” makes everything show up (not recommended if there are more than 200 results, though).

If there are a lot of results, you can easily weed out the irrelevant ones by filtering your results using the filter controls located at the top of the results table.


You can then type the characters you wish to search for in the text box provided.  In the example below, the filter column selected is “Name” and the search characters used are “mar”:


Any name containing “mar” either in the surname or first name shall be displayed.  You can also filter for the birthdate, if desired.  Just remember to use the appropriate format of MM/DD/YYYY where the month and day have double digits and the year has four digits.

We hope the revision will make it easier to search for your room assignments online.