October 18, 2015 CSE-PPT Results Released


A total of 1,125 examinees were able to hurdle the Career Service Examination – Paper & Pencil Test CSE-PPT) held last October 18, 2015, 1,003 for the Professional level and 122 for the Sub-Professional level.

Click on the links below to download the lists:

Important notes:

  • Individual test result generation through OCSERGS (Online Civil Service Examination Result Generation System) shall be available by Dec. 14, 2015 and thereafter.
  • Concerns on examination result, including verification of Examinee Number, should be coordinated directly with the CSCRO concerned.
  • Certification of Eligibility for passers (printed on CSC letterhead, free of charge) shall be available by January 4, 2016 and thereafter. (N.B.: CSC Eligibility card is not yet available.)
  • Passers may also opt to apply for regular Certification of Eligibility (printed on security paper at cost).
  • Read thoroughly, and be guided, by the corresponding Examination Advisory to be posted in the CSC website.

Congratulations to all the successful takers!

For those who didn’t make it this time, you might want to check out your results generated by the OCSERGS so that you will know which areas you can focus on when you prepare to take the exam next time.